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Lunchtime Seminar Series - Dr. Guo Huang

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Molecular Control of Organ Regeneration

Molecular Control of Organ Regeneration: Insights from Platypus, Armadillos, Bats and Whales - Dr. Guo Huang


Why do mammalian organs including the heart lose regenerative potential during the perinatal window remains enigmatic. Through phylogenetic analysis of vertebrate cardiomyocyte ploidy as a proxy for cardiac regenerative potential, we uncover that certain monotreme, edentate, cetacean, chiropteran species have unusually high percentages of diploid cardiomyocytes in the adult heart. Our further molecular and genetic studies support the critical roles of two major thermogenic neurohormonal pathways and a downstream transcription factor in suppressing heart regenerative capacity, and implicate that the limited regenerative capacity in various adult mammalian tissues may be a tradeoff for the acquisition of endothermy in ontogeny and phylogeny.

If you would like to participate in person or online via Microsoft Teams, send an email to Diana Bachran.

Organizational and administrative matters

Event organizer

This seminar series is organized by the SFB 1470. Michael Gotthardt and Gabriele Schiattarella organize the scientific contributions. For questions regarding organization, Diana Bachran is responsible.


CCM, MRC library, Hessische Str. 3-4, room 02.016


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